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CocoDry Deodorant

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Truly the best natural non-toxic deodorant on the market because it actually works, and contains no aluminum whatsoever.  Absorbs perspiration better than others to keep you fresh and dry.  (FDA law only lets us call this a “deodorant” because it contains no aluminum, so that is the only reason why we call it a “deodorant”.)


DOES NOT CONTAIN: aluminum, titanium, nanoparticles, triclosan, petroleum derived ingredients, toxic materials, parabens, etc.  All OUR ingredients are safe and actually beneficial when absorbed into skin.  Imagine that!!!  Fragrance Free of course.


A lesson in Naturopathic Medicine:

For those who do not know, when you apply a “personal care product” such as antiperspirant, lotion, or sunscreen, you are actually ingesting (eating) that product into your body.   From there all the individual ingredients will travel and seek out their Target Organs and Target Cells and accumulate.  They then exert their unique chronic effects upon cells, organs, and your overall health.


A must have for smart people who wish to eliminate toxic personal care products and wish to create or maintain good health. Use in conjunction with our UltraClean Toothpaste (toxic-free).


Escape the aluminum nightmare.  If you have been using aluminum based antiperspirant your whole life, you may be in trouble.  Ask a Naturopath to run a hair test for toxic metals and notice how your body has absorbed the aluminum you fed it.  Scary stuff.  Aluminum has Target Organs and Target Cells in your body.  Chronic aluminum exposure is well known among scientists to assist or cause many serious health problems, including nervous system and brain damage to name just a few.  Educate thyself: Here's a few research papers on aluminum toxicity, but there are many hundreds more on the subject:





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