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UltraClean Toothpaste

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Truly the best toothpaste on the market.

Finally a superior natural toothpaste with research-proven ingredients that really works and out-performs the competition.


·        Recommended for children, because children are extremely sensitive to the systemic damaging effects of fluoride

·        Recommended for pregnant women and breast feeding women


*Recommended for people who are looking to get healthy or stay healthy.

*Recommended for people who are doing Detox

*Recommended for Naturopathic Medicine practitioners and patients.




This formula was designed to outperform all other formulas on the market in terms of:

1)     cleaning power  (exceptional)

2)     remineralization minerals (high quality minerals, not the cheap ones)

3)     microbial hygiene (less bacteria, virus, and fungus in mouth)

4)     fresh breath that is unprecedented, often lasting for 8 hours if you don't eat.

5)     Safety.  No toxic ingredients.


Use of this product produces an unusually LONG-LASTING degree of superior oral hygiene and freshness.  That is the most immediately noticeable feature of the product as well as an unusual feeling of clean smooth teeth.


Breath will stay fresher longer, but NOT due to a chemical cover-up (synthetic flavor) but due to the fact that UltraClean captures and removes bacteria, virus, and fungus from the mouth, then cleanses with antimicrobial plant extract, and then freshens with natural essential oils .


100% NON-TOXIC and FLUORIDE FREE.  Conventional toothpaste is highly toxic, with a whopping 2,500 ppm dose of Fluoride, which is completely unacceptable to the human body.  Fluoride acts as an insidious slow poison affecting dozens of systems and critical enzymes in the body.  Brushing your teeth with fluoride is scientifically known to give the user a whole body systemic absorption, this is not an opinion.

Some formulas even add Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals such as Triclosan. 

Some “whitening” formulas use white Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles (!), which are toxic to human cells and DNA (like sprinkling fine sand into a swiss watch), or else organic peroxides, which are not to be trusted.


Conventional white candy flavored toothpastes barely work and contain the following bad ingredients: extremely high dose fluoride (systemic poison), Triclosan (very potent endocrine disruptor), cancer causing artificial sweeteners, Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle “whiteners” (gets into cells and DNA and cannot be dissolved), powdered plastic particles (embeds into gum line), and artificial flavors which provide no medical benefits (i.e. peppermint oil kills surface Herpes virus on contact).  Conventional toothpaste is actually a poison.  That's why every label must include the statement: “If accidentally ingested contact POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY”.  Not later but immediately!! Are you kidding??


Most “Natural” Toothpastes on the market are formulated on the level of an 8th grade science project, perhaps with some herbs added to them. 


Naturopath approved, UltraClean Toothpaste is very high-performance product that is a critical component of any serious health program in which avoidance of toxic agents is important.   Use UltraClean in all detoxification programs.  We also make COCO-DRY aluminum-free antiperspirant.  These two products go hand in hand in reducing the body burden of toxic agents.


Main Properties of UltraClean:

*Anti-cavity, Anti-plaque, (specific compounds attack bacteria and plaque colonies)

*Anti-odor, Anti-halitosis, (specific compounds attack odor producing bacteria)

*USA Censored:  (Cannot tell you this part in the USA)



Made with real Peppermint Essential Oil.  No artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Cleans and Polishes, with 2 natural mineral polishing agents

Remineralizes Enamel with research proven compounds that provide organic calcium, organic phosphate, and silica for teeth.

Neutralizes acid produced by cavity-creating bacteria

Refreshes with 100% real peppermint essential oil and 1 other essential oil.


Captures and removes bacteria, fungus, yeast, and virus by electrical charge. Like a magnet picking up iron particles. This is most unusual.


Good Antimicrobial properties due to a special plant extract, provided at three times the minimum required level to be effective for treating gun shot wounds.  Yes gun shot wounds.


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