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Peak Volts Alkaline Electrolytes

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·        Peak Volts is the ultimate body alkalizer and performance enhancing electrolyte supplement on the market. 

·        Electric Vitality for for muscles, nerves, and cells.

·        Turn purified water into powerful life supporting mineral water. 

·        Make your own mineral water.  With Peak Volts and you will have water that is vastly superior to any mineral water on the market, including the ultra expensive ones.

·        Saves You Money.  Just add ½ capfull (about 2.25 grams) of Peak Volts to 1 Gallon of purified water.  Makes 100 Gallons @ 25 cents per gallon.  Tasteless at this dose.  Costs you about 25 cents a gallon!  Perfectly safe for children at this dose.

·        If you have an “alkaline water ionizer” add Peak Volts to your water to make it many times more powerful and nutritious.  Creates a slight negative ORP shift (anti-oxidant).  The micro-clustered water will deliver the electrolytes to your cells very efficiently and acid waste will be neutralized better than just using “9.5 alkaline water” alone.  Straight alkaline water does NOT provide the kidneys what they REQUIRE to neutralize acid waste (alkaline minerals).


Peak Volts Technical Talk


·        PEAK VOLTS (PV) is composed of primarily of alkaline mineral electrolytes plus other beneficial nutrients including zinc, sulfate, bicarbonate, chloride, trace ocean elements, citrate, and iodine (as iodide).

·        The alkaline electrolytes (positive electrical charge) are magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and zinc in specially balanced ratios. All of these electrolytes are in the very bioavailable organic form as well as highly ionic fast-acting inorganic forms. The body needs these specific electrolytes to conduct electricity in nerve channels and muscles, keep cells alive, manufacture critical enzymes, manufacture metallo-proteins, and to neutralize the Daily Acid Burden in the kidneys, where concentrated acid wastes need to be neutralized into salts before being sent to the bladder for excretion. 

·        PEAK VOLTS behaves as  “liquid electricity” when added to water.  If you wire a light bulb to a battery and stick the 2 wires into a glass of any liquid you will get either nothing or a faint glow from the bulb.  With PEAK VOLTS you will see the bulb light up very very brightly.  It also does this in your body.  Some people literally feel “lit up” after drinking this highly charged solution of electrical vitality. 

·        Lack of alkaline electrolytes results in acid waste being backed up into the body and a gradual acidification of the body.  Acidification of the body results in the dissolving of bones, sickly looking blood cells, inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue, and invites fungus, cancer and disease.  Acidic waste in the body is naturally created in the body each day by cells (metabolic waste) and especially when you eat protein, which is made up up amino acidsThe modern diet also adds many other food items and beverages that are known to be highly acidifying to the human body.  This creates an additional acid burden for your body to neutralize.  Additionally, STRESS has an instantly acidifying effect upon the human body, and also creates Oxidative Stress.  Having an acidic body PLUS high levels of oxidative stress is a VERY dangerous and unhealthy disease and cancer promoting condition. This will certainly produce fatigue, illness, chronic diseases, as well as change your red blood cell morphology to irregular-shaped sickly-looking cells and interfere with the blood's ability to carry oxygen and oxygenate the tissues.  This also tends to overtax your body's antioxidant system, leading to specific mineral deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies, which then makes the problem many times worse.

·        In today's very polluted world, it is definitely in everyone's best interest to have their water highly purified to remove all pollutants, fluoride, radiation, etc.  All water supplies are contaminated to various degrees.  The truth is shocking.  The best practical method for super purifying water is reverse osmosis (RO).  Highly purified water is very important when you are treating a disease or wanting to avoid diseases in general.  Many diseases are caused or exacerbated by trace contaminants and pollutants in drinking water, even at the Parts Per Trillion Level.  (Research: Atrazine, Glyphosate, Byproducts of Disinfection).  Use RO Water or Distilled Water with Peak Volts.

·        PEAK VOLTS will vastly improve the properties of highly purified water, such as Reverse Osmosis water and Distilled water.  These two waters are basically “dead” in that (1) they contain no minerals, and (2) do not conduct electricity within the body (the body is very electric)  (3) contain no nutrition, (4) pull  minerals out of cells to reach osmotic balance (instead of putting minerals into the cells), and also (5) can be quite acidic, specifically with RO water.  PEAK VOLTS corrects all of these issues.

·        Most drinking water (and soda pop), when tested, have a (+) ORP Value meaning it is pro-oxidative, meaning it is an oxidizer.  It will rust nails.  When water has a (-) ORP Value, it is an anti-oxidant like vitamin C.  This water will not rust nails. PEAK VOLTS creates a slight beneficial shift in ORP Value to the anti-oxidant status.  Our extensive testing has shown that this shift depends on how much you add to the water.


·        Adding  PEAK VOLTS to Alkaline Microclustered Water creates a powerful SYNERGY.  “9.5 Water” with  PEAK VOLTS is many times more beneficial and nutritious than 9.5 Water without  PEAK VOLTS, although PV is not a substitute for 9.5 Water, just like peanut butter is not a substitute for jelly.  They work very well together, because the microclustered water carries the alkaline electrolytes to the cells more efficiently.

·        PEAK VOLTS also helps neutralize carbonic acid in water.  For people with Water Ionizers carbonic acid, which is actually carbon dioxide gas dissolved in water, is what causes their pH 9.5 water to slowly shift into the acidic direction as the water sits in the glass.  This can be very frustrating when doing a Demo and one minute the water pH test drops show a purple color, and then several minutes later it is now green or yellow meaning is has become acidic right in front of your eyes.  PEAK VOLTS supports and helps maintain the pH and ORP status of [Alkaline Ionized 9.5 Water], while ALSO improving the electroconductivity of the water and most importantly - adding cell nutrients.

·        PEAK VOLTS also eliminates the “empty water” solvent-like properties of highly purified water.  For example, when empty distilled water approaches a living human cell, it presents an imbalance in osmotic pressure due to it's complete absence of minerals.  So to create balance, it pulls minerals out of the cell in an attempt to balance osmotic (water) pressure. Osmotic pressure is balanced  when the concentration of minerals inside the cell is the same concentration as the minerals in the water outside the cell.  By having lots of minerals inside the water, the tendency is reversed towards now the water is presenting required minerals to the cell for the cell to ingest.  Basically cells have a constant influx and outflux of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.  These are required macronutrients. Macro means they are needed in much higher amounts than micronutrients. Sodium and Potassium are the main players in the electrical impulses traveling through all your thousands of miles of nerve channels.  Calcium and Magnesium are involved in muscle contraction and relaxation signals, respectively.  So instead of using copper wires to carry electricity, the human body uses water infused with metallic electrolytes.  Every few years the US Park Service finds a dead hiker in Death Valley who died in the heat with a backpack full of  bottled drinking water. What died he die of?  Lack of electrolytes in the highly purified drinking water. The medical term is hyponatremia.  PEAK VOLTS could have prevented that.

·        MAGNESIUM is required by the human body to make about 309 critical enzymes and over 2,000 special proteins which require magnesium.  Magnesium regulates diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. Magnesium is required for energy production, oxidative phosphorylation, and glycolysis. It contributes to the structural development of bone and is required for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and the super important antioxidant enzyme Glutathione. Magnesium also plays a role in the active transport of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes, a process that is important to nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, and normal heart rhythm.  Most people do not get enough magnesium in today's world where the body is typically over- burdened with toxic accumulations, mineral-deprived agricultural soils, and undetected nutritional deficiencies. 

·        POTASSIUM is included because it is also the “antidote” for high sodium imbalance, sodium induced high blood pressure, and also helps prevent all forms of stroke.  Potassium and Sodium need to be balanced.

·        The body needs sufficient amounts of salt and chloride each day so we provide these nutrients with ancient Pink Himalayan Sea Salt which has been untouched by modern day marine pollution.  It's been buried under a mountain for thousands of years, and is not contaminated by today's polluted ocean.  This also provides over 70 trace elements including iron which makes it pink.

·        PEAK VOLTS also provides a good healthy boost of Iodine coming from Potassium Iodide.  This is one atom of Iodine attached to one atom of potassium and is extremely soluble in water and highly absorbable by the body. We had to bypass the ocean on this one to avoid the potential toxins and radiation that sea kelp is so great at absorbing.  Iodine becomes synthesized in the body as iodide, and many people who show “iodine allergy” are actually allergic to shellfish  and show absolutely no reaction to iodide.  Most people are deficient in Iodine.  A lack of iodine will cause a whole host of health problems but will also render you more vulnerable to absorbing the radioactive Iodine-129 spewing out of Fukishima each day into the global air currents and into the marine life (fish, shellfish, and plants) that we eat.  Sea salt and sea water or no longer to be trusted due to Fukishima radiation. All seafood should be tested with a very sensitive Geiger Counter but it's not being tested. Incidentally, Potassium Iodide is used as a medical antidote for detoxing Radioactive Iodine absorption in the human body.  Iodine is also needed for thyroid hormones, the myelin sheath on your nerves, immune system function, and a number of body systems, including lactating breast, gastric mucosa, salivary glands, oral mucosa, and arterial walls.  Do not take this product if you are allergic to Iodine or should not take iodine due to a specific medical condition where it is Contraindicated.

·        Citrates and Bicarbonates are used to neutralize acid drinking water and to make it have a more alkaline effect on the body.  Human blood ONLY uses the Bicarbonate Ion to maintain it's slightly alkaline pH of 7.37   This pH is super critical to keeping you alive so if your blood becomes too acidic or too alkaline you will go into an acute medical crisis.    These ingredients are also used to alkalize the body and the urine.  Potassium Citrate is also used to control kidney stones derived from either uric acid or cystine.  When your stomach acid is neutralized by this product the stomach begins production of more hydrochloric acid.  This production also “backfires” Bicarbonate into the blood stream -which is good.  Hydrochloric acid is extremely important for the digestion of food, so it is very important that you not use this product at a pH >7.5 for at least 30 minutes before meals and at least 2.5 hours after meals.  Lack of stomach acid is a really big problem for a lot of people, and this will cause incomplete digestion of foods and lack of nutrient absorption as well as other serious problems including GERD and gas bloating.  (research: Hypochlorhydria).  Too vastly improve improper stomach digestion you can take Betaine HCL (for low stomach acid) and Digestive Enzymes. The sea salt in this formula also provides chloride which is needed each day to create stomach acid.


·        The body alkalizing effect of PEAK VOLTS is also beneficial to neutralize lactic acid formed in muscles during extreme athletic performance.  This phenomenon will help to prevent muscle cramps and has been proven in studies to increase athletic output/performance by about 10% in studies conducted with professional athletes.  This product is about 100 times better than Gatorade – but without the sugar.  (Athletes can add their own glucose or orange juice if they desire.)


·        PEAK VOLTS also contains Zinc. Zinc supports immune function as well as a big long list of other processes.  Over 300 different enzymes depend on zinc for their ability to catalyze vital chemical reactions. Zinc-dependent enzymes can be found in all known classes of enzymes.

·        If you wish to use PEAK VOLTS to turn empty puified water into a healthy “mineral spring water” add  ½ Capfull into a gallon of water for starters. Measure the pH and adjust your dose until the pH comes out to between 7.0 and 7.3  The proper measure will be different for everyone because everyone's water is a different pH to begin with. You can add more product as long as the final pH is under 7.3 That way you can drink the water all day long, including with meals, without having to worry about neutralizing your stomach acid during meals. 

·        If you have a  digital TDS tester spring water is around 100-400 ppm.  Mild Spring Water is around 100-200 ppm. More robust and nutritious spring water is around 200-500 ppm.  Athletic Performance dose is between 600-1000ppm.

·        Some people like to drink their water as very alkaline, at a pH of 9.5.  This is OK, but do not drink close to meals or you will neutralize stomach acid during digestion, which is undesirable.

·        ACID BODY THERAPY: If you have accurately measured your urine pH as being acidic, or your doctor has determined that you are acidic, then you may use PEAK VOLTS to gently raise your body pH.  Measure the results by testing your saliva pH and morning urine pH.


·        CONTRAINDICATIONS: This product is high in Magnesium, Potassium, and Iodide. Due to the very high Potassium levels, do not take more than 1/2 Capfull (2.25 grams) per hour, maximum 6x per day.

·         Do not use this product if you have a kidney condition, impaired kidney excretion, impaired renal function, hypermagnesemia (too much magnesium), hyperkalemia (too much potassium), are not supposed to consume Iodine or Iodide, or if your urine pH is already higher than 7.3.

·        Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you are taking any medications (especially Potassium), chronically ill, terminally ill, feeble, have a heart condition, are taking heart medication, or are pregnant or breast feeding. 

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